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  • Client: DobraNocka
  • Date: July 2021
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I’m a very difficult client. Always hardworking and a perfectionist myself, focused to provide my own customers with the best service possible and treating deadlines and promises as seriously as probably very few other people in the world: I expect the same from any business partner I work with. Agnieszka not only has met all my expectations but have gone far beyond. She’s proven to be incredibly proactive as after a rather short and rough initial presentation of my vision she simply created the website I wanted: it felt like she just read my mind. She also suggested many innovative solutions which make my website clear and easy to navigate as well as offered lots of technical support to make sure it’s safe and efficient from an administrative point of view. I highly recommend Agnieszka to anyone who’s looking for a knowledgeable, reliable, communicative, professional but at the same time affordable web designer. Sounds too perfect to be true? It’s perfect and it’s true.